As an Executor or Personal Representative, dealing with Probate and an estate comes at an already difficult and sad time. It can be a time consuming responsibility. We can help you. We can look after all aspects of the administration of an estate on your behalf, that can all too often become a minefield of problems and we will liase with you throughout it all.

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Many websites of companies that offer probate services start off by explaining  that you can apply for probate yourself but if it is more complex or you don’t want to take on the responsibility or you don’t have the time you should consider using a probate specialist or a probate expert.

They go on to explain that you do not need a solicitor and that most probate solicitors will charge an hourly rate or a percentage of the value of the estate. They then direct you to their call centres to obtain a quote.

At we solicitors llp we charge a fair fixed fee which is determined by the work that needs to be carried out. It is agreed up front and is paid from the estate.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a probate solicitor rather than a company offering probate services:

  • Probate solicitors are fully qualified professionals
  • Solicitors are highly regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have to be insured
  • If you were not happy about the costs or the service there is recourse with the Legal Ombudsman
  • You cannot be certain that ‘probate experts’ within companies are  legal experts
  • Solicitors do not operate call centres or have sales teams
  • Solicitors only act in your best interests and do not hard sell their services

At we solicitors you are treated as a valued individual client

Whilst you can apply for probate yourself and carry out the work yourself you should also  consider the benefits of using  we solicitors llp:

  • We provide advice and support in all aspects of probate and estate administration
  • There is no need to open an executor’s bank account
  • There is no need to attend the Probate Registry
  • There is no need to fill out forms
  • Direct contact with your appointed probate solicitor
  • No hidden charges and an agreed fixed cost up front

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Top reasons to make a Will with a Wills and Probate Solicitor:

  1. If you have remarried after your first spouse passed away and now the house you live in is in your sole name – Who do you want to leave your house to? If you have a second wife or husband you may want them to continue to live in your house but you ultimately want it to go to your children. – This can easily be achieved in your Will

 2.If you own everything with your second spouse but you have children from your first marriage, do you want everything to go to your spouse or do you want to leave something to your children? For example your half share of your house? – This can easily be done in your Will.

3.If you own everything equally with your spouse and they have children from a first marriage would you want everything you own to go to them? If you passed away first everything would go to your spouse. If they passed away everything would then go to his/her children. This means that if you have your own children they would receive nothing. The only way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to make a Will.

 4.Also remember that if you do get married or remarry then any Will you made before you got married is now invalid and everything would go to your spouse and then on to his or her children / heirs. You can make provision for all your loved ones.

5. You can protect your spouse and your children and make sure your wishes are carried out. It may seem complicated but by discussing what you want to do with a qualified expert solicitor it will make the process much easier than you may think.

To ensure that your family get your assets you have to make a Will.

To ensure the person you want to deal with everything when you die you have to make a Will to appoint an executor.

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Compassion in Dying have released an informative guide:  Planning Ahead: Making Choices for the End-of-Life’

Available to read online or to print off:

This is a guide for everyone. We all need to be aware of the choices we have and be able to put them in place at any time. It gives helpful information on Advance Directives and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

It will be helpful to carers who want to assist a loved one to put heir wishes in place.

If you would like any further information or help to put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place please contact us. We offer home visits for Lasting Powers of Attorney in the Manchester area including Failsworth, Oldham, Ashton Under Lyne, Bury, Bolton and Salford and other surrounding areas

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Here are 3 TOP REASONS why you should not  put it off until the New Year

  1. Statistics show that more people die in winter than in summer. The most winter deaths occur in the UK and there are more in the North West than anywhere else.
  2. Making a new year’s resolution to make a Will is just putting it off and may be something you never then get round to doing. More British people die in the first full week of the year than at any other time

See more: The mystery of the most fatal week of the year

  1. To make your Will now will give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about over the Christmas period. Once it is done you can forget about it and concentrate on the festivities and more exciting New Year’s resolutions! You can get it off your list of things to do.

NOW is the best time to make your Will.

       Do not put off such an important issue.


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Speaking at the Law Society’s Private Client Section elderly care conference, Esther Rantzen has urged solicitors to be mindful of clients who may be living with loneliness and to think about putting them in touch with The Silver Line. The Silver Line is a 24/7 friendship, information and advice line.

Esther Rantzen said: ‘Since November 2013, we’ve taken 230,000 calls and the biggest problem people bring to us is loneliness. Loneliness is all about loss – of a partner, job, a sense, driving licence, mobility or neighbourhood. It can erode self-confidence: you think you are alone because nobody wants you. ‘Solicitors are in a unique position to help older clients. Elderly clients see solicitors as a trusted friend – someone they can ask advice from. It may be that your elderly client comes to you just for the opportunity of having someone they know and like to talk to. All I ask is that you mention they may like to try The Silver Line and see what they think.’ – See more at:

The Silver Line offers a befriending service either by telephone or by letter from people who like to engage with the older generation. There are also Silver Circles and Silver Line Forums

For more information go to

It is important to receive the support you need particularly if you are living alone. It may be difficult to ask for and know where to get it. The Silver Line makes it easier. It may also be a means of obtaining advice on to put your affairs in order such as a Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney.

At We Solicitors LLP we understand that it can be hard to know where to get advice. We see many clients of the Silver Generation and we understand that it can be daunting to think about making a Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney. We offer home visits throughout the Manchester and Greater Manchester area including Oldham Failsworth Manchester Bolton and Wigan. We like to help our clients in whatever way we can.

If you would like to talk about making a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney contact we solicitors llp

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It is a difficult time to deal with the financial affairs of a loved one who has passed away. It can be time consuming and often confusing as banks and other intuitions have different requirements depending on what and how much is in the estate.

Here are some pointers to consider when dealing with the estate:

  • Obtain a death certificate first. No one will deal with you unless you can produce the death certificate. You will also need to notify the DWP if there are benefits or state pension.
  • Is there a Will? You need to establish who the executor is (or administrator if there is no Will). This is the only person who has the authority to deal with the estate.
  • If there is no Will do you know who would be the Administrator? This is determined by the Intestacy Rules.
  • Next you need to find out what assets there are in the estate and how to deal with them. As a general guide if there is a property and/or more than £10 – £15,000 in the estate you will need to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration if there is no Will.
  • Funeral Account – This must be paid first and take priority over any other payments.
  • Debts – You have a duty to find out if there any debts and inform the creditors. Debts must be paid before any distribution is made. If there is not enough money in the estate to pay all the debts each creditor should receive a pro rata payment of what there is.
  • Tax – Complete the form IHT 205 if there is no tax to pay or the form IHT 400 if there is tax to pay. You must also account for any income in the administration period and repay or reclaim any tax owed by the estate.
  • Obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. – This gives you the authority to deal with assets of the estate and have them paid to you as the executor / administrator
  • Open an estate bank account – You can’t put estate monies with your own. They must be in a separate account.
  • Once the debts have been paid and all the assets have been collected in you can then distribute the estate to the beneficiaries. You will need to establish who they are and that they are not bankrupt.
  •  Ideally, you should also provide each beneficiary with an account of the estate.


This is a basic list of some of the issues that need to be dealt with in a more simple estate. Other issues may arise which can make it more complicated like a claim against the estate by the DWP or family member. The beneficiaries may need to be consulted and may not agree on what action to take. Inheritance tax is a big task to calculate and then pay.

It is a big responsibility to take on the role of an Executor or Administrator. If you would like more advice or you would like to pass that responsibility over to an expert who can do all these things and more then contact our Probate Department. We specialise in all aspects of estate administration and we can deal with the estate efficiently, you remain in charge but we do the work.

For a Low cost fixed fee Probate quote call We Solicitors LLP. No call centres. No hidden fees. No hassle. You will deal with one main expert.

We can relieve the burden whilst you are still the executor, involved as much as you want to be. Our costs come from the estate.

You can contact your solicitor by a method that suits you best.

By: telephone         email              letter               Face Time     Skype

At a time that suits you.

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     The Law Society warns about the consequences of not making a Will

- See more at:

Law Society research: Millions of Britons have no will

The research revealed that 73 per cent of 16-54 year olds don’t have a will, while 64 per cent of people over the age of 55 have made their final wishes clear in a will.

Law Society president Andrew Caplen said the figures are extremely concerning:

‘Thousands of people die every year without making a will or without a properly drafted will. These figures show just how bad the problem is. ‘Dying intestate not only means your final wishes will probably go unheeded, but the financial and emotional mess is left for your loved ones to sort out. This need not be your final legacy. ‘Making a will is usually a very simple process but we urge people to use a qualified, insured solicitor because he or she will be able to spot the nuances that could lead to trouble later on if not properly addressed.’

It is probably easier than you think to make a Will. The cost of using an expert solicitor is not as expensive as you might think. We Solicitors, Ivy Mill, Crown Street Failsworth Manchester charge just £90 + VAT for a basic Will.(£135 + VAT  for Mirror Wills)

We can go through what you need over the telephone first or by email with no obligation if you prefer and make the process run smoothly to fit round you.

Do not put off such an important issue.


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We Solicitors LLP take pride in offering a fixed cost probate service. We offer fixed fees for Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney but also to obtain a Grant of Probate.  A lot of firms still do not offer a fixed cost upfront to administer an estate on behalf of executors at the beginning of the mater.


Case study example:

We have acted for two appointed executors. The estate consisted of a house and various bank accounts totalling £45,000 and a life assurance policy worth £2,500. The Will of their late mother left  1/3 of the estate  to each son (the executors and trustees) and 1/3 divided between 3 grandchildren who were all under 18.

We dealt with all issues on their behalf; we arranged for the funeral to be paid by the bank, contacted all the utilities (gas electric, council tax etc.) and arranged for all final bills to be sent to us. These were finalised when the house was sold.  We made sure the buildings insurance was in place. We found out who the insurers was and we located the deeds to the house. We dealt with the DWP and repaid benefits that were paid after death.

We obtained the Grant of Probate. All monies from the bank accounts and the house sale were paid into our client account so we could then distribute 1/3 to each son. We gave the sons advice on being Trustees and what they needed to do with the grandchildren’s shares. Once they had put in place the required trust accounts we then sent them the funds for the grandchildren.

When the house was sold we got accurate meter readings, informed all utilities and paid any final accounts. We then prepared Estate Accounts so the Executors could see everything that had come in and everything that had  been paid out, including any income earned during the administration period which is required for tax purposes. These accounts can also be shown to the grandchildren as they reach 18 to show they acted correctly on their behalf.

All throughout this process we kept in regular contact with the executors. One son was our main point of contact (so we were not duplicating) but we dealt with both sons. We mainly kept in contact by email and then  telephone calls when needed. The two sons initially came in to the office as they were local. The process from start to finish took 11 months. This was because it took 9 months to find a buyer for the house and for the sale to go through. The first distribution was made and rest of the estate was dealt with within 3 months.

And the cost of doing all this was given at the

beginning before any work was started.

The cost was a very competitive £2500 + VAT and paid from the estate.

We explain at the beginning what is included in this quote and what possible issues may arise. We gave advice and support to the executors all the way through and they knew they could contact us whenever they needed to. They had one main point of contact. No call centres or various people dealing with it. Just one main point of contact with a direct telephone number and email.

If these clients had not been local the estate would have been dealt with just as easily. We would have communicated the way the executor would have wanted to and would have still dealt with all aspects. So we are accessible to any executors around the country.


If you would like advise or a quote to obtain Probate or administer an estate on your behalf contact WE Solicitors


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The Government has released a policy paper in response to the House of Lords Committee Report on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and how it is working in practice

The Government gave their response setting out a system wide programme of work to implement the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Some of the main points highlighted are as follows:

  • Care Quality Commission to add the MCA to its checks on services
  • An MCA Advisory Board to be set up to report on the effectiveness of the MCA each year.
  • The Government will give more information to  doctors, solicitors police  carers, housing officers and banks
  • The Government will provide more training for social workers and front line staff to help people be able to make decisions for themselves
  • People will be made more aware of Advance Directives – A document in which you can state that if you don’t want treatment in the future when you might not be able to make a decision about it

Lasting Powers of Attorney:

The Government says:

“Not many people are using Lasting Powers of Attorney and only think about them when they are very ill. We want more people to plan for the future and use them earlier”

They are considering a Life Planning Day from next year to make people more aware of Lasting Powers of Attorney and what they are used for. It will be a “national event to both raise awareness of the Act and to hear the views of professionals and the public as to how we can further develop our programme of work.”


“Anyone, at some time in their lives, may lack some degree of mental capacity. One of the most important aspects of the MCA is the right to prepare for such a time by registering Lasting Powers of Attorney ( financial and/ or health and welfare)and giving the power to make decisions regarding their finances or welfare to a trusted family member, friend or other such appointed person.”


Court of Protection:

  • More staff will be employed
  • New Rules next year

“The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is undertaking significant work to increase the level of awareness and understanding of Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPAs) – working with NHS England to provide guidance for frontline staff and with the CQC to make sure questions on LPAs feature in inspections of health and social care providers. HM Courts and Tribunal Service has committed to increasing the staff complement of the Court of Protection and the Government has committed to the revision of the Court of Protection Rules – with a view to having new rules in place by April 2015”

Valuing every voice, respecting every right: Making the case for the Mental Capacity Act

The Government’s response to the House of Lords Select Committee Report on the Mental Capacity Act 2005

If you would like more information on Lasting Powers of Attorney and how they can benefit you please contact our expert solicitor at we solicitors Ivy Mill Failsworth Manchester M35 9BG. We always offer fixed fees. Home visit available

Do not put off such an important issue.


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The Inheritance and Trustees Powers Act 2014 came into force on 1st October 2014.

If you do not have a Will the intestacy Rules determine who will get your estate if you die. These are strict rules and it cannot be assumed that your nearest loved ones will inherit your estate.

The main changes are :

If you are married and you have children:

Your spouse will receive the first £250,000 of your estate. Your children will take half of any assets above this amount and your spouse will take half of any assets above this amount

If you are married and you do not have children:

Your whole estate will go to your spouse

++If you have a partner and you are NOT married and you have children:++

Your partner will get NOTHING! All your estate will go to your children.  You do not decide who will look after their share  for them if they are under 18.  If you are separated or divorced from their father / mother their surviving parent will look after their inheritance and they will also choose someone to be appointed with them.

++If you have a partner and are NOT married with no children:++

Your partner will get NOTHING from your estate. It will go to your nearest blood relatives being your parents equally if they survive you, if not then to your brothers and sisters equally.

It is not complicated to make a Will if you get the right advice from a Solicitor with the expertise to guide you through the process.


Jo-Ann Mason at We Solicitors in Failsworth, Manchester says “The only way to be sure that your wishes are in place and to protect your loved ones is to make a Will. The new rules highlight that it is even more important to have a Will. Especially if you have a partner or children and even more so if you have children from a first marriage and children with a second spouse or partner. If you are not sure what you want to do we can guide you and discuss the options you may not have thought possible.  Going to a solicitor to make Will is not always the most expensive option but you can be sure you receive the quality of service that you need when making a Will with us”

To make Will or discuss the options available to you contact WE Solicitors today.

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