As an Executor or Personal Representative, dealing with Probate and an estate comes at an already difficult and sad time. It can be a time consuming responsibility. We can help you. We can look after all aspects of the administration of an estate on your behalf, that can all too often become a minefield of problems and we will liase with you throughout it all.

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Listen to Radio 4 You and Yours programme (31st March 2014) assessing the options with examples of how some people have dealt with the issue.

As of next year, pensioners can take funds from their pensions and spend it on whatever they like. The Government hope Pensioners will consider planning for long term care in the future. There will be an increasing range of financial products aimed at pensioners.

Bereaved loved ones will be put at the heart of the coroner system, Justice Minister Simon Hughes said today as he launched a new guide for people who have to become involved with inquests.

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Dec 2, 2013

Phoned the office and  Jo-Ann Mason kindly returned my call.

Many thanks for all your help which you were able to explain in easy to understand terms & not the normal solicitor jargon.

 - Teresa Clancy


The Telegraph reports:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has turned a blind eye to the failing, even though its chief executive has admitted that said such homes are far more likely to be putting vulnerable people at risk.

A non-executive for the regulator described the situation as “shocking,” as the organisation announced plans for a crackdown, with criminal sanctions and fines of up to £4,000 for homes which have no-one in charge.

A report to CQC said there were currently more than 3,900 care homes without a registered manager, equivalent to two per cent of all the residential homes.

Of these about a quarter had not had a registered manager for more than two years and would be the first to be targeted.

Registered managers of care homes are supposed to be held accountable for the quality of services in care homes, and be held accountable for failings


If you have a relative or a friend living in a care home you should consider whether they would benefit from and Lasting power of attorney for Health and Welfare.

They can appoint an attorney to make decisions about their personal welfare who can make those decisions on their behalf. This includes what care they receive and where they live.

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Jo-Ann Mason has been made a Trustee of Wigan and Leigh Carers this month.  Specialising in Wills, Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney and living locally in Wigan, Jo-Ann was keen to set up links in the community.

Dividing her time between working in the office and working from home enables Jo-Ann to visit clients, particularly the elderly and the more vulnerable in the comfort of their own homes. Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre seemed the ideal choice.

The Centres objective and mission statement are:

To relieve the charitable needs of adults and young people who are carers in the borough of Wigan and the surrounding area particularly but not exclusively by the provision of a centre to provide a place for advice, advocacy, support and friendship and such other activities as the trustees shall from time to time think fit.

A carer is a person who looks after a family member, relative, partner, neighbour or friend who needs help due to ill health, old age, disability, drug or alcohol misuse or who has mental health problems. You do not have to live with the person or be the only one doing the caring.

Jo-Ann saidI am honoured to have been asked to be a member of the board. I hope to add a significant contribution and to raise awareness of the Centre to carers in the Wigan and Leigh area.

It offers a very important service and I want to ensure that carers are aware there is support available to them.

At WE Solicitors we are committed to offering straight forward legal advice and to reach those who would not necessarily approach a firm of Solicitors themselves.’

Jo-Ann also works closely with other organisations such as Macmillan Nurses and Dr Kershaw’s Hospice.

If you or anyone you care for would benefit from legal advice regarding Wills, Probate or Lasting Powers of Attorney please contact Jo-Ann on 0800 294 3065 for free initial advice.

Care and Support Bill will modernise adult care law, provide new rights to support for carers and implement cap on self-funders’ care costs, but concerns persist over how effective it will be amid squeeze on council budgets.

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On 19th January 2013 The Telegraph reported that under a plan, which could be announced next week, elderly and disabled adults will be given state protection against unlimited care home fees for the first time.

But it will not be implemented before 2015 and will still require individuals to pay care bills up to the level of the cap expected to be between £65,000 and £75,000.

Read the full story:

We Solicitors can offer advice about long term care costs and the options available to you.

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The Social Care Institute of Excellence has launched the website Find Me Good Care, a comprehensive source of adult social care information and advice.

Please follow the link:

In addition to this WE Solicitors can offer advice and guidance if you are embarking on the long process of having to find a care home, being assessed for self funding and sorting out the finances of a family member.

We can give advice on this process and look at future planning through a Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney.  If you don’t know which way to turn we can help to steer you in the right direction.

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“My life until the end” was launched by the Alzheimer’s Society on 25 October 2012.  38 people with dementia, carers and former carers, were interviewed and recommendations for change were made based on their experiences.

The report focuses around accounts of people with dementia and their carers’ experiences. It exposes the choices and options that exist in the UK and addresses the key issues that dementia presents at the end of life.

Read the full report at:

One of the areas the report focuses on is looking at how Dementia is progressive and it can be difficult for people to make decisions towards the end which means that planning in the early stages is essential.

By planning for these unfortunate and difficult possibilities it can make things a little easier. A Lasting Power of Attorney for Personal Welfare can allow a dementia sufferer to state their wishes at the early onset of dementia. It can allow a person to give guidance about how they wish to be cared for. This can ease the burden for family as the appointed attorney then has the authority to carry out those wishes if the dementia sufferer can no longer make those decisions themselves.

At WE Solicitors we can guide you though the process of putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place before it is too late.  Call us on 0800 294 3065 for free, confidential advice.


The Alzheimer’s Society is carrying out research into how well people are living with dementia. This is for the Dementia 2013 report, which will be launched next year.

You can complete the survey online or download the survey from the Alzheimer’s Society website. If you prefer, we can send you copies of the survey and pre-paid envelopes. The deadline to return surveys is 30 November.

If you are living with dementia and you need some guidance with future planning we may be able to help. A lasting power of attorney is essential and it may not be too late to put one in place.

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