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“My life until the end” was launched by the Alzheimer’s Society on 25 October 2012.  38 people with dementia, carers and former carers, were interviewed and recommendations for change were made based on their experiences.

The report focuses around accounts of people with dementia and their carers’ experiences. It exposes the choices and options that exist in the UK and addresses the key issues that dementia presents at the end of life.

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One of the areas the report focuses on is looking at how Dementia is progressive and it can be difficult for people to make decisions towards the end which means that planning in the early stages is essential.

By planning for these unfortunate and difficult possibilities it can make things a little easier. A Lasting Power of Attorney for Personal Welfare can allow a dementia sufferer to state their wishes at the early onset of dementia. It can allow a person to give guidance about how they wish to be cared for. This can ease the burden for family as the appointed attorney then has the authority to carry out those wishes if the dementia sufferer can no longer make those decisions themselves.

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