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The Telegraph reports:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has turned a blind eye to the failing, even though its chief executive has admitted that said such homes are far more likely to be putting vulnerable people at risk.

A non-executive for the regulator described the situation as “shocking,” as the organisation announced plans for a crackdown, with criminal sanctions and fines of up to £4,000 for homes which have no-one in charge.

A report to CQC said there were currently more than 3,900 care homes without a registered manager, equivalent to two per cent of all the residential homes.

Of these about a quarter had not had a registered manager for more than two years and would be the first to be targeted.

Registered managers of care homes are supposed to be held accountable for the quality of services in care homes, and be held accountable for failings


If you have a relative or a friend living in a care home you should consider whether they would benefit from and Lasting power of attorney for Health and Welfare.

They can appoint an attorney to make decisions about their personal welfare who can make those decisions on their behalf. This includes what care they receive and where they live.

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