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Did you know that you can receive a voucher for £350 towards the cost of a solicitor preparing a Disabled Trust Will to protect your child’s future?

  • If your child is 16 and under and
  • has  a neurological condition and
  • you receive the care component of DLA at the middle or high rate.

Visit the Cerebra Website to find out how to apply for this excellent scheme:

Our Clients have put a Disabled Trust Will in place to ensure all of their children are provided for in the best possible way. We give expert advice and we accept the Cerebra voucher. We have flexible appointments to fit round your commitments and will make the process as easy as possible for you. There are many options available when making a Will that you may not be aware of.

Our clients using the voucher scheme have said

                               we are caring and professional.                   

Contact our Wills and Probate Department to see how a Trust Will could benefit you and your children. They are used for a variety of different circumstances:

  • If you child has any disability- young or adult  children dependent on you
  • Appointment of guardians
  • Ensure guardians are not financially disadvantaged.
  • Protect the means tested benefits received by your child
  • Arrangements for a child living independently but may still need help to look after own finances
  • A vulnerable adult child who may need some assistance.

WE clients putting a Will Trust in place have said we ‘explained everything in simple language’ and were ‘extremely satisfied with the service given’

Contact our Wills and Probate Department today to find out how we can help you protect your children. All our Wills are prepared for a fixed fee. So you know exactly how much it will cost you up front.


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According to the Carers Trust there are almost seven million carers in the UK  – that is one in ten people. This is rising. Three in five people will be carers at some point in their lives in the UK.

The economic value of the contribution made by carers in the UK is £119bn per year.

The number of people over 85 in the UK, the age group most likely to need care, is expected to increase by over 50% to 1.9 million over the next decade.


1.Make arrangements to help with finances

  •  At some point in the future you may need to help the person you care for with their finances. This may be because they need some assistance or because they can no longer cope with money matters themselves. A Lasting Power of Attorney LPA is an essential document to have in place. It is a legal document which allows a person to appoint someone they trust to help them mange their financial affairs. Without one it is virtually impossible for a carer to help with this side of things. However someone at some point may have to do it so it is far less stressful for everyone if this is planned in advance.
  •  Consider an LPA for Health and Welfare. This can only be used if the person you care for can no longer make decisions themselves. But who knows their needs better than you? You can only be formally involved with any decisions with this type of LPA, for things like where the person lives, what care they receive and what medication they have.

The most important thing about an LPA is to put one in place for when it may be needed. Don’t leave it too late as it is much more difficult to do. Plus it gives everyone involved peace of mind that it is there if it is needed. Until then it can be stored away safely.


2.Make sure you are getting all the financial help you are entitled to as a carer

  •  Cares allowance – If you are caring for someone for more than 35 hours a week, who receives a qualifying disablement benefit, and you do not work (or earn less than £100 per week) you may be entitled to this benefit.Carer’s Assessment – you are legally entitled to an assessment of your needs. This allows you to tell social services of the impact of being a carer has on you and what could make it easier.
  • Protect your statement pension – you could receive Carer’s Credit if you are caring for someone more than 20 hours a week. It is a National Insurance credit to build up your entitlement to State Pension. Read more on
  •  If the person you care for is aged over 65 – check to see whether they can claim Attendance Allowance. This is to help with personal care.

3.Get to grips with care funding

This is a minefield and the recent care cap rules due to come into effect are not straightforward. You must ensure that an NHS Continuing Care Assessment is carried out before long term care arrangements are put in place.

If you want to know how Local Authority Funded Care works and how it will effect the person you care for either now or in the future contact us today to see what options may be available to you.

4.Look after yourself!

Help is out there – It is a demanding task to look after someone. It is even more difficult if you develop health problems as a result. Ensure you take a break. Ask for help. There are specialist organisations throughout the UK to support those who care for a spouse, relative, friend or neighbour. There is a network of Carers Centres across the UK.

Jo-Ann Mason says “As a solicitor and as a Trustee of WIGAN and LEIGH CARERS CENTRE, I see all too often how vital it is to put affairs in order as early as possible. Once it is done it is one less thing to worry about should the need arise to use an LPA. Reviewing your will to protect the person you care for and their Will to ensure their assets are protected is also essential.

Above all, get as much help as you can as it is there for you. Contact your local Carers Centre. I know first hand the staff there are willing and waiting to help you.”


If you are a carer and would like advice as to where to begin with an LPA, a will or benefits contact our specialist solicitor Jo-Ann Mason for an initial consultation to find out what you can do. There is no obligation.

If you would like more information contact us today:


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  1. RESPONSIBILITY: Being an executor carries a lot of responsibility. We solicitors can carry out your duties on your behalf. We can do as little or as much as you like for a FIXED FEE.
  2. NO NEED TO OPEN AN EXECUTOR’S BANK ACCOUNT: We Solicitors can provide the use of our client account for all realised assets. You do not need to open a separate account and everything that involves.
  3. TIME CONSUMING: It can take up a lot of time being an executor. There can be a lot to deal with and if you haven’t done it before it can be a minefield. We Solicitors can take the hassle out of it. This is something we do all the time and know exactly how to deal with all matters quickly. However, we always act on your instructions so you keep control.
  4. AVOID THE MANY PITFALLS: An executor can be held personally liable if they do not carry out their duties correctly. There are many things that can easily be missed or go wrong especially if you have not been an executor before.  The majority of people who take on the role do not know what is involved until they actually have to act. Don’t get caught in the trap and take on too much. It is a huge responsibility and most executors seek advice and get help with an estate.  Ignorance is not an excuse if things go wrong, especially if it is a tax issue. Are you aware of the protection given by Trustee Notices?
  5. WE ARE EXPERTS:we can give you essential advice and guide you through the process of probate, intestacy rules, administering the estate, tax, liaising with beneficiaries, DWP claims and estate accountsWe Solicitors can assist with all the formalities and as you will have an appointed solicitor who is dedicated to making the process easier for you. We can help with any issues that may arise. No call centres. Flexible appointments and methods of contact.

    Call or email for an initial consultation to see what we can offer you. All clients are given a set fixed fee. You can tailor exactly what you want. The costs are borne by the estate.


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