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The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has launched a public awareness campaign to encourage people to plan for their and their families’ futures.

It can be difficult to have a conversation about making a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Will. It is always easier to approach when it is not likely to be an immediate issue and it is a measure taken to plan for the future. This would be the best time to do it.

However, if it has to be at a time when it is felt that it is important to put a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney in place because it you can see that it will be needed in the not too distant future it may be best to bring up the subject in a way that can show the benefits of having one. For example: ‘My friend’s mother has just done a Lasting Power of Attorney and it has made things much easier for her and for her family to help her. She has put it in place so she can choose who she wants to help her”

Another way is to arrange an initial appointment with an expert solicitor at WE SOLICITORS to have an initial meeting to have a chat about what is involved and how it works and discuss any concerns. It can a way for the person who needs a Will or an LPA to obtain information for themselves. If the person you care for then decides they don’t want to go ahead at least they have then made a more informed decision. If they do we can start the process and get the ball rolling.


Making a Will is not as daunting as you may think. There may be issues you have not thought about or thins that you don’t know how best to deal with. Once to you have spoken to an expert advisor you are likely to feel much better after making a Will and knowing that you have done what you can to help your loved ones whenever the time comes. It is not nice to think about death but it is better to think about it knowing you have put your affairs in order.


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Have you thought about what will happen to your online accounts if you were to die? How will your executor or your family know what to do?

In an age where more and more of us are turning to online banking and social media, it is becoming a more prominent issue. With emails, online banking, investments, Twitter Facebook LinkedIn PayPal and iTunes accounts, it is an ever increasing domain.

Social Media

In some cases some of the material on these accounts will not be recovered. You would need to decide whether you want them to be deactivated or kept as a memorial to you.

Online money accounts:

Would your family know if you have a PayPal account and how to access the funds in it?

Would they know about an online bank account you have, especially if it is paperless. A statement will not fall through the letter box for them to come across after you have died.


There is also the question of who owns the digital assets. iTunes can not be transferred to another person, unlike a physical CD, you buy a licence to enjoy the tunes you download but can’t pass them on to someone else.


There are many factors to consider and it should not be left to your loved ones (particularly if they themselves are not that computer savvy) to have the responsibility to find digital assets when you can make it as easy as possible for them to deal with them.

This can be done in conjunction with your Will.  Call or email WE Solicitors today

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The Ministry of Justice have announced tens of thousands of people have already used the new online will search tool that was set up a month ago. The archive has 41 million Wills including those of many famous people.

Read more here:

If you think you could have been or may be a beneficiary of a Will of a family member or a friend you can search the will archive to see if this was or is the case. If the estate had to obtain a Grant of Probate then the wills archive will have a record of the Will.

If you are not sure of the wording of a Will or you would like advice as to what the next steps could be for your once you have obtained a copy then call

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What if the person who has passed away did not leave a Will? Do you know who would be entitled to the estate under the Intestacy Rules?

For more information on Probate: 

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The BBC has launched an online care calculator. By answering a few simple questions it can give you an indication of what a person’s likely care costs would be based on their assets and their income. It also gives guidance on how the care cap set to be introduced in April 2016 will have an effect.

This is an excellent tool which will help families have an idea of what to expect if they are faced with  the prospect of a family member having to go into a residential care home. It is based on the area they live in.

We Solicitors say “This is an excellent tool to give you an idea of what to expect. It could be particularly useful if you are acting as an attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney on someone’s behalf. Care fees are a minefield and many people have misconceptions about what will happen if they had to go into a residential care home and how they will have to pay for their care.

It is always better to plan ahead and put in place any measures you can before the possibility of looking into care becomes imminent. There are choices you can make before it gets to late and others then have to decide what is best for you.

Putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place for your Property and Affairs and for your Health and Welfare is essential for anyone reaching retirement age even if it is not required now it can be safely stored until such time as it may be needed.

Making a Will can also assist in planning ahead especially for a married couple who own their own home. The Care calculator is a very good starting point to give you an idea as to what you could potentially face in the future.”

If you would like more information about how you could plan for your future or you are in a position where care costs are an issue now then contact WE Solicitors LLP for expert advice and a free initial consultation to see how we can help you or your carer. #BBCCareCalc


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