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A daughter who lost a share of her late father’s house due to errors made when using Barclays Bank’s Will Writing Service is claiming compensation from Barclays. However, Barclays refuse to accept a decision by the Financial Service Ombudsman to pay compensation and the matter has now gone to the High Court meaning a long and expensive court battle.

In his 2007 Will made by Barclays Will Writing Service the father left his half share in his valuable property to his daughter. He owned the property jointly with his second wife (not his daughter’s mother).  As the property was owned as joint tenants the property in fact passed to his wife and did not pass under his Will.

Barclays should have severed the joint tenancy to make the joint ownership as tenants in common. The father’s share would then have passed to his daughter as per the terms of his Will. The FSO has claimed that Barclays are at fault,  however they have ignored this decision.

This case highlights the concerns of using cheap will writing services that are not regulated and the damage that DIY wills can do. The majority of people using these services are not aware of the fall out they can cause. Sometimes solicitors can make mistakes but because they are regulated and insurance is compulsory there is recourse to put a mistake such as this right and compensation can be paid.

At we solicitors llp, we recently had a similar case where a Will was prepared by a Will writing company. The lady sent the Will to the company for storage (costing £5 per month) She received a letter to say the Will had been checked and signed correctly, as they sent her the Will to sign herself.  After the lady passed away her son was due to apply for probate, however we discovered that the Will was actually invalid as the executors and beneficiaries had witnessed the Will. The will writing company did not seem to be overly concerned by this and were at first reluctant to offer any compensation as the consequences were not so drastic as the case above.

The lady’s son was devastated to learn that his mother had gone to all the effort and time to put a Will in place particularly when her health was not very good that ultimately meant nothing.

Visiting a solicitor to make a Will does not always necessarily mean it will cost the earth. You can shop around for a quote and ask what is included in the service. For  example we solicitors llp charge £90 + VAT for a basic Will which can include two face to face meetings, the peace of mind that your Will is tailored to you and executed correctly. We also offer safe lifetime storage of your Will for just a one off payment of £18.

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