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Three daughters have been removed as the executors of their mother’s estate and have been replaced by an independent solicitor.

In an expensive and lengthy court case a grandmother, who died in 2012, had appointed her three daughters as the executors of her estate worth £466,000. She had left legacies to her grandchildren and the rest of the estate to be divided equally amongst her children. The judge said “The reality is that the three cannot work together.”

We Solicitors says: “It is very important when choosing executors that you are as confident as you can be that they will get along and be able to act together and make decisions together. If there is even a small possibility that they won’t then it is wise to appoint someone else or even someone neutral who is not going to benefit from the estate.

This is a very common situation, especially when a person wants to appoint all of their children for the simple reason they do not want to leave any one of them out. Appointing an executor is one of the most important aspects of a Will and should be done objectively. It should not be a decision based on hurt feelings or ‘letting them fight it out between themselves.’ This is when a dispute will arise and an estate can easily come to a standstill for years.”

When appointing an executor it is advisable to choose the right person for the job and the most trustworthy and capable person. If it is too difficult to choose that person then a solicitor is the next most logical choice as the costs of a professional administering an estate will be far less expensive than a lengthy dispute which will almost certainly cost the estate as well as the beneficiaries.

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