Nov 17, 2016

Case Study: Living with your partner? A Will is essential

At WE Solicitors, Jo-Ann Mason has met with two clients in the last week who live with their partners. Without a Will their wishes would NOT be met. The outcome would have been far different for their long term partners:

Mr A owns his owns his own house and recently moved in with his partner Ms V. she owns her own house. Whilst they are living together Mr A wanted to ensure his house went to his two sons (from his previous marriage) but that anything else he had was to go to Ms V as she was looking after him and providing his care.  He appointed his brother as an executor as he had some experience of dealing with their parent’s estates and felt he would be best to do that.

Without a Will the law says Mr A’s estate would go to his nearest blood relatives. This would be his two sons and they would be appointed as the administrators. They would not have the authority to deal with anything until they got a grant of Letters of Administration. Ms V would be entitled to absolutely nothing.

Mr C lives with his long term partner. They never got round to getting married. Mr C is terminally ill. They don’t have a lot in the way of assets but Mr C wants to make sure that whatever he does has goes to his partner Miss K. Mr C has three children. He has not seen them for years. They are a very private couple and they were particularly concerned that the children were not to come to the house and take belongings or try to take over. Mr C left everything he has to Miss K in his Will. He also did a Letter of Wishes to explain his intentions regarding his children and also his funeral wishes.

Without a Will the law says everything would have gone to his three children with whom he no longer has contact and he was very clear he did not want them involved in any aspect after he passed away. They would be entitled to his estate and his personal belongings and bank accounts would belong to his children. This is not what he wants and it is not the sort of situation he wants to leave his partner in when he has gone and she is left to deal with this on her own. He has made a Will to ensure this does not happen.

Making A Will ensures your wishes are in place. Don’t leave your partner in a very vulnerable position at an already extremely difficult time. You can ensure all your family are looked after. There are various options available that you may not be aware of to ensure you have protected your partner and your children.

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