Standard Single Will: £90.00 + VAT
Standard Mirror Wills: £135 + VAT
Will Trust or Tax planning
Single Will: £250 + VAT
Mirror Wills £400 + VAT

Home Visit:
Please add £30 to the relevant cost per Will for a Solicitor to visit your home
(dependant on location)

* A Standard Will means a Basic Will

** Mirror Will means two wills where the contents of each Will for spouses or partners are the same

Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • To take instructions, prepare and execute and LPA AND provide a Certificate of Capacity, if required:
Property and Affairs LPA £350+VAT
Personal Welfare LPA £350 +VAT
Both LPA’s together: £500+VAT
  • Full registration of LPA :
Registration per LPA £150+VAT Plus disbursements

Obtaining Probate and Estate Administration

  • To obtain a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration ONLY (With no further involvement or advice thereafter) £500+VAT
  • To Obtain a Grant of Probate, administer the estate and provide Estate Accounts:

We can tailor our fees to your specific needs and a no obligation quote can be provided depending on your circumstances. We  aim to provide you with a clear indication of our costs and to do this we would assess your case on the information you provide and provide you with  a fixed fee quotation after an inital free consultation.

We provide a personal and efficient service.