May 4, 2016

Did Prince die without leaving a Will? There will be trouble ahead.

It has been reported that Prince may not have left a Will. His sister has filed a petition in an American Probate Court stating that there is no Will. It is yet to be revealed whether a Will is in existence.

This highlights two important factors.

1.    What could happen if there is no Will?

It is a risky business not to leave a Will when there is wealth and a musical legacy on the scale of which Prince has left. There are still disputes even after 7 years surrounding Michael Jackson’s estate. However, even small estates can face similar lengthy and expensive disputes but perhaps on a less grander scale and this is becoming increasingly common. All for the sake of putting off making a Will which would take a couple of hours of time and approximately around £100 with a qualified solicitor.

An estate could go to the Crown

It is becoming even more prevalent where a person dies without any family. Jo-Ann Mason of WE Solicitors says: “In the last month alone I have been made aware of two estates where a person has passed away and not left a Will. Neither of these had any blood relatives and the estates which both included properties of a substantial value will be left to the Crown and now be in the hands of the Treasury Solicitor. In one of these cases the deceased left a partner of 30 years who was not only left devastated at the sudden death of her loved one but now also has very limited involvement in his estate and personal belongings. This has added to the grief in a huge way.

2.    If you do make a Will tell someone where it is

There are cases where a person makes a Will and then hides it away as they do not want anyone to know its contents. But a hidden Will is like having no Will at all. Occasionally it can add even more complications if an estate is distributed according to the intestacy rules only for a Will to be unearthed later down the line. This would cause considerable problems trying to revert back to what should have been according to the Will especially where money is involved.

It is worth noting that Solicitors store Wills for their clients to keep them safe and send copies to be kept with  personal papers. Jo-Ann Mason says: “When we store Wills for our clients, I always advise them to tell their executor that they have made a Will and where it is stored. No one needs to know the contents of it and I explain the consequences of not doing so. Clients can also add their will to the Certainty Will Register which was set up to alleviate this problem. More details can be found at”

It is not always as expensive as you may think to make a Will with a solicitor. You can shop around.

We Solicitors charge £90 + VAT = £108 for a single Will

and £135+ VAT = £162 for Mirror Wills.

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