Nov 15, 2016

Probate is much more than a financial exercise.

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“Solicitors, not accountants, are best at delivering uncontested probate”

Here, Sally Harlow, a solicitor specialising in probate at law firm Boodle Hatfield responds, by saying there is a very good reason why lawyers remain the first choice for probate work:

LAWYERS HAVE BEEN at the heart of probate work for centuries.  It is not just because they may have drafted and stored a will, but because even the simplest estate may require additional legal documentation to be drafted and ongoing legal advice.  Probate is much more than a financial exercise.

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WE Solicitors says: There is far more to probate and administering an estate than collecting in assets and distributing them. . You are dealing with a person’s life, with a person’s family and understanding their background. It is usually like unravelling a story and no two are the same. However, there are aspects of an estate that probate solicitors are all too familiar with and have vast experience of . Things like handling family conflicts or acting as a go between, understanding that grief and money rarely mix and knowing how to keep the estate moving as peacefully as possible. These things are not in text books or legislation and would be particularly difficult for any new comers to the probate market to instantly pick up.  Solicitors gain their skills from experience and from the knowledge of expert solicitors before them.

Dealing with an estate whether complex or straightforward is a skill which is often taken on lightly. To a family member appointed as an executor it can be a daunting task and it is no doubt time consuming. That is why we are here to help and assist in the process as much or as little as the executor would like.

We do all this n a fixed fee so there are no unexpected costs for the estate. Our goal is always to give straightforward legal advice.

If you are an executor or you would like advice on dealing with an estate please contact us for an initial chat to point you in the right direction.

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getting probate and administering an estate


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