Probate procedure

Advice and guidance to the Probate procedure

The procedure for probate can be a simple or sometimes a complicated process. This is determined by the following factors:

  • complexity of the Will
  • challenges regarding validity of the Will
  • Missing beneficiaries
  • Caveats registered temporarily preventing the issue of the Grant
  • Delay from third party asset holders

Gathering information

Before the application can be made, the appointed person will need to know the details of the deceased’s estate including their assets and liabilities.

Completing the form

The application forms are available from the local Probate Registry. These need to be completed with the relevant tax forms IHT205 or IHT400 and sent to the Probate Registry  with the original Will, Death Certificate and a fee.

If  you instruct us we will deal with this process on your behalf and you will not be required to attend the Probate Registry in person for an interview as you do when you make a personal application.

After the Grant

Having received the Grant, the debts are then paid off and the assets are gathered in. Once all debts and legacies are paid, estate accounts are prepared and the final sums are then distributed in accordance with the Will or the rules of intestacy.

If you instruct us there is no need to open a new Executor bank account as we will have a designated client account already set up for you.