Nov 21, 2016

SFE Report a Must Read before making a Lasting Power of Attorney!

Solicitors for the Elderly have compiled a report following a study:

The Real Cost of DIY LPAs’: What are the risks of using a DIY kit

and why should you seek expert advice?

 This report outlines the results of our study into the various methods of creating an LPA. During the study, we compared participants’ experiences of using a DIY method (either an off-the-shelf kit or the OPG online service) with their experiences of using a specialist solicitor. The study also assessed the legal robustness of the LPAs created using a DIY approach.


A Participant in the study says:

“I don’t think that it was possible to give these questions enough thought when filling in a form online, and I had serious concerns about making any decisions without discussing them with a solicitor first.”

Solicitors for the Elderly comment: “The participants in our study all agreed that they would not feel comfortable submitting an application made using a DIY method without first discussing it with a solicitor. After receiving a consultation with a specialist solicitor, all participants said they felt more confident about their ability to make informed and appropriate choices, and most of them made significant changes to the decisions expressed in their LPAs.”

“The perceived benefit of using a ‘DIY’ method over using a solicitor is primarily financial, as the DIY methods are cheaper in the short-term. However, SFE is concerned that by encouraging people to create ‘bargain-bucket’ LPAs without taking specialist legal advice, the OPG is potentially exposing them to unacceptable levels of risk and in doing so may be compromising its ability to safeguard those who are most vulnerable.”


Jo-Ann Mason of We solicitors says: “It may appear that making an LPA online is the easiest and cheapest option but it is not always the best option. It is a legal document giving significant power to another and should not be done without careful consideration and advice. A solicitor can make the whole process less stressful and much easier to understand. I visit my clients in their own homes and try to make the experience as comfortable as possible when making such decisions.”

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